Self-training or Attending Martial Arts School

Learning and mastering a skill takes time and you can either decide to attend formal training or train from home. Martial arts is one of those fields that you can choose either of the two but still realize your goals. However, you need to analyze the benefits and shortcomings of each if you want to make an informed decision.

Benefits of attending a school

Guided by a professional. If you want to have a good foundation in this area, then this route is the best. The instructors have the experience to hold your hand in this journey and make it easy for you to maneuver. Such an instructor will be there to guide and offer you advice that will make you better at martial arts.

Easy to stick to the plan. The journey can be weary, but you need someone to push you and complete the training. The instructor knows when to slow down but not stop the practice to avoid lagging.

You learn discipline. Training with other people helps you develop cordial relationships with everyone you interact with. You also learn some essential handling techniques that you can only master in the presence of others.


Logistic problems. You might have to commute or even drive for some hours to get to the gym. You will only be lucky if you get a school near your neighborhood, but you will have to work with its schedule.

Advantages of self-training

Your work on your schedule. You decide when to do the training. You can wake up early in the morning or do the training at any time of the day.

You can repeat specific procedures until you perfect. You have all the equipment that you need at your disposal to do what you like. You can thus practice at your own pace until you become an expert on the same.


Easy to lose track. When you do not someone pushing you to work hard, you can become lazy and even skip some sessions.

Can be expensive. You need to buy equipment and set out a room where you will do your workouts. The initial investment might be very high.

Final verdict

Attending a school is better that self-training as illustrated by the above points. The experience that you get in a school defeats the comfort that you get in your home. You should start training at London Fight Factory if you want to learn from the best.