Dog-Proofing Your Trash Can

To many people, keeping their dog and other pet out of their trash bin is a very big problem. As soon as they leave their home for a while, they always come back to a dirty compound with garbage scattered all over.  Today, we look at some of the ways you can use to keep your dog away from the trash bin.

Invest in a Heavy Trash Can

Heavy trash bins are not easy to tip over. These are great for those with small dogs. Big dogs may still be able to tip even the largest trash bins over, but not too often. Therefore, replacing your bin with a heavier one from can reduce the number of times you have to deal with spilled garbage. Buy one that is made from heavy metal such as stainless steel which is the best choice for most homes. Taste it beforehand to ensure that it is strong enough to withstand any form of pushing. You can also decide to place some weights at the bottom of the bin so that the dog is unable to knock it over. You can use stones, sand or bricks to accomplish this.

Place the Can Close to the Wall

You may need to screw your trash can to the wall as this will make it impossible for your dog to tip it over. Some cans feature a kit that allows you to do this. Others don’t. If you are worried about managing your dogs, then you can use this tip as a solution. If you already purchased a can that doesn’t have the kit, improvise by drilling a few holes on it. You can then use some nails, wires or any other fastening tools to fix the can into the wall.

Secure the Can Using a Lid

A tight-fitting lid would work best to keep your dog off the bin. A tight lid may inconvenience you whenever you need to throw something away as you may struggle to open and close it, but it is better to pay the price of using it to avoid cleaning your home each time you come home.

Empty Your Can Regularly

Dogs may keep visiting your trash can because of a certain smell that beckons them. To avoid such smells, empty the trash can on a regular basis and keep the trash out of reach.

Final Words

With such ideas, you can be sure that your dog will no longer terrorize your trash can.