Genuine Tactics to Help Improve your Instagram Following

The record-breaking number of active users on Instagram and the high engagement levels sets the platform apart from others social media platforms. New and upcoming businesses can reach out to millions of users and compete with larger and more stable businesses. No wonder the majority of marketers today have turned their efforts to get more acquainted with Instagram’s marketing.

Just as with other platforms, the numbers do matter on Instagram. Your brand’s reach is highly dependent on the number of followers you have. They simply dictate the activity and engagement levels on your account, thus, without a reasonable number of followers, your brand’s visibility will be limited.

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People draw the first impression of your account or brand by looking at your profile. Therefore, create an enticing profile with a charming image and a well-drafted bio, likely to lure someone into clicking your account. If a user is drawn to your page by the first impression, there is a high likelihood that a large number of users will be compelled to do the same.

It’s easier to focus your energy on trying to convert these visitors into followers than trying to get people to click on your page. Your brand’s image is reflected on your profile, thus, if done right, it will reflect positively on your brand.

Instagram Stories and Videos

As time goes by, there has been a notable decline in engagement on images as compared to videos and stories. Moving forward, this trend is expected to continue as these new features allow brands to create more compelling types of content. Therefore, Instagram stories and videos will be the future of engagement on the platform.

The benefits of using stories include the fact that they appear on top of the feeds as soon as you go live. This makes it possible even for those users who do not follow you to see your content. Hence, if you are creating appealing content, you are likely going to attract new followers.

Be Consistent

Consistency is key to enhance your presence and grow your following on Instagram. People want to find fresh content on their feeds every time they log in to their account. Thus, by posting new and appealing content frequently, you improve the likelihood of attracting new followers.

Therefore, make it a habit to post fascinating content at least once a day. It is also wise to try and find out when your target audience is mostly online and schedule your posts at that time. That way, they are going to be seen by more people and generate more engagement, which can attract new followers.