Buying the Right Bike for Your Kids

Many parents assume that buying a bike for their kids is all about choosing the one that is indicated to be right for their age, wrong. Selecting the right bike for the kid can be more challenging than you think, and while the kid might point to a model they like, it might end up being a wrong purchasing decision if you don’t follow the tips below.

Is The Kid Ready for The Bike?

Before you can select the perfect bike for the kid, you need to determine whether they are ready for it. If the kid is aged between 2 and four years, then a tricycle would be more suitable for the child. A tricycle can teach your kid various skills that will come in handy in their growth such as pedalling, braking and sitting.

Kids are ready to ride two-wheelers from the age of 4. At this age, the kids have some balance and coordination to ride the bike without the training wheels. Kids are mentally prepared for cycling by age 10.

The Size

Once your kid is ready to ride, then you need to choose the right size for the little one. Many parents go with the adage “bigger is better” and end up buying a big bike with the aim that the kid will “grow into it”. This is a wrong presumption that leads to more injuries than delight.

The size of the bike is determined by the diameter of the wheels is the major determinant when it comes to deciding the size of the bike.

You need to determine the age of the kid as well as the inseam of the kid when determining the size. The age doesn’t automatically translate into a particular bike size. This means that some kids develop much faster than other kids their age, while some develop much slower.

You can also determine if the cycle is the right size by doing some tests. Use a neighbour’s bike to determine this, so that you get a bike that is neither too high nor too low.

The Brakes

The bike that you choose should have brakes at the right place, and easy to use as well. Coaster brakes are best for the little ones as they are easy to use. Don’t go for bikes that have hand brakes because the little one might not have developed sufficiently to use these kinds of brakes. Those that failed to learn about choosing the right bike ended up with the wrong bike always.