3-Step Process of Using an Instagram Schedule Management Tool

To grow as a business on Instagram, you need to always be in the social scene. This means that you shouldn’t “pause” when it comes to account activity.

Doing so is a major turn-off that can lower follower count, decrease engagement, and decrease sales.

On the social network, putting things on hold is risky. It’s almost like you’re giving up access to your account permanently.

So, rather than take breaks on Instagram, why not resolve the matter with a quick fix?

That said, you should check out a schedule management tool.

Here’s a step-by-step process that can help you out.

Step 1 – Upload Content

Start uploading post-worthy content. A few days’ worth of content is best.

Be strategic about this by taking note of the number of content that you need to be posted. Don’t just upload a random amount of content, especially when this amount is significantly lower than your preferred post count.

Let’s state an example. If you’re supposed to post content 3x a day at specific times, be sure to keep up. So, if you want the schedule management tool to post for you for 5 straight days, you’re supposed to upload 15 (3 X 5) post-worthy content.

This will earn you an A+ for consistency. And remember that you need to be consistent if you want to fuel your growth on the social network.

Step 2 – Create a Schedule

Then, create a schedule. This should be a timetable that highlights when your uploaded content should be posted to your Instagram account on your behalf.

For example, you want the tool to post content every 10 am, 2 pm, and 5 pm EST. So, you should create this kind of schedule.

Step 3 – Enable Auto-Posting Based on a Created Schedule

Finally, enable auto-posting. This will let the schedule management tool execute as instructed.

Modify the settings so the tool will work according to the schedule you created. And then all is good from this point.

Arguably, using a schedule management tool can make you feel nervous.

Especially if it will be the first time for you to use a schedule management tool, you may feel odd about it. But learn to do it anyway.

You may watch it in action at first. And once you get the assurance that it will execute your programmed commands, you will realize the usefulness of a schedule management tool.


Along with other automation tools designed for Instagram accounts, a schedule management tool can help you grow your business on Instagram successfully. These tools will help you grow organically.

To get a list of top automation tools to speed up your growth on Instagram, check out Fred Harrington’s page here.