How to Take Smashing Food Photos

Taking captivating food photos isn’t the simplest tasks. But then again, it only requires a little more effort (and creativity) to take your game to the next level. These tips will come in handy.

It’s All About the Light

Yes, just like any other form photography, you have to pay attention to the light intensity and most importantly, how it hits you food. Learn how to adjust it correctly. On top of that, take your photos under natural light. Never use overhead lights, your phone’s built-in flash or lamps. Also, be creative with you setting to find the best light source. You don’t have to take your food photos in the kitchen if there isn’t enough natural light.

Angles, Angles

Some food photos such as Pizza will look better if shot from above. Others like burgers appear great from the sides. You’re better off shooting your drinks from a forty-five-degree angle. So, try to move around your plate, alternating angles. Choose your favorite shoots later.

Clutter is a No No

Your food photo’s background should be as clean as possible. If a spoon or napkin isn’t adding value to your pics, remove it. Your focus should only be on what’s important. Also don’t zoom in so close in a way that will leave your audience confused on what the food is.

Edit your Photos Correctly

When editing your food photos, make sure that the colors are true to life. Use your software’s white balance tool if your plate looks very yellow, green or blue to fix the imbalance. Remember, colors come to life when you set the white balance properly. Hold your camera firmly during the shoot to avoid blurry photos. You can also use a tripod stand so your camera remains still during shooting. Or, you can use a faster shutter speed to reduce the amount of light required.

Get the Likes!

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