TV commersial as effective advertising instrument.

Television is an integral part of our daily life. Each of us faces advertising on TV channels almost daily. Sometimes it entertains us. Sometimes it only irritates. However, when one of aforesaid happens, our brain automatically memorizes commercial essence. Due to this reason it is very effective instrument of promotion of services and goods. In this article, we will consider pluses, minuses and specific features of this type of advertising. Despite the outstanding performance, production of TV commercial is a difficult and expensive process. Thus, creation and advertising must be entrusted to professionals. For the correct understanding of means and contractors choice making it is necessary to understand basics.

We will begin with the main facts. The television is divided by the methods of broadcasting on terrestrial, cable, digital, satellite. By the audience scope, it is divided into international, national and regional. By the availability — into public (free) and network.

Cost of TV commercial strictly depends on the type of television, where it will be shown. It is necessary to take into account that commercial on national and international channels are the most expensive one (due to the huge audience).

TV commercials have probably the greatest advertising persuasiveness. It can be explained by the fact that the advertising video influences both sight and hearing at the same time. The sound, movement, emotional acting, special effects, the text — all these forces to react first of all sub consciousness of the viewer. Because of such powerful impact advertising on TV is referred to the category of aggressive advertising.

The audience at advertising on TV is the greatest among all media. About 90% of adults daily watch TV channels of the USA. Many of them turn on the TV for a background.

However, except the obvious advantages, TV commercial have a few shortcomings.

TV commercial cost is very high. It is explained by the complexity of production of the video and cost of broadcasting time. The concept of the prime time — the most expensive air is familiar to everyone. This is a time of early morning when the country gathers for work and evenings from 19 o’clock. At this time, TVs gathers the greatest audience.

The cost of video production can vary. You can see all production options here.  Here is what you should consider. Today commercial breaks have become dimensionless. Your video will unambiguously adjoin to others. And as TV commercial influences emotions and involves associations, your video shall be really creative and distinctive. So you shouldn’t save on professionalism of creative group.

Keep in mind that even talented and creative commercial video can pass by the TV viewer if he switched off the TV or the channel. Besides a part of the viewers initially are skeptics in relation to the broadcasted advertising.

Television allows choosing target audience. But at the same time, you should not forget that it is only mass media.

One more shortcoming is an oversaturation of promotional materials in the air. Having created a marvelous advertising video and having started it in a rotation, you can see it in the first advertising block (or maybe the fifth, if not the last). Most likely your advertising will take place unnoticed and won’t reach the addressee.