What to Bear in Mind before Purchasing Your First Paint Sprayer

You can transform your space in many ways. While many people turn to using wallpapers, maybe for its little cost, painting still reigns supreme. Since time immemorial, brushes have been used to have this task done. However, things are swiftly changing and depending on the size of surface you want to paint, one may consider using a paint sprayer for bigger surfaces. With this method, you could accomplish the task much faster and with little effort. If you are planning to get a paint sprayer, be equipped with few tips to choose an ideal one.

1)    The tip and size

Here, there are two things to put in mind, the type of coating to use and the pump’s maximum suggested tip size. For paints, (which are usually thicker) you would need sprayers with large tips because here, pressure plays the role. Strainers are less thick and for a better result, choose sprayers with small tips. Tip sizes mean the size of the opening—denoted from 0.015, while fun size, denoted in inches.

2)    The cost

Determine the duration and type of work you want to accomplish with the pump. For just a one-time chore, it may be a wise idea to rent the pump rather than purchasing one, since you won’t need it after the job. However, for an ongoing task, renting the sprayer every other time would be costly in the end.

3)    Ease of cleaning

Cleaning a sprayer unit should not seem like an added chore. Check for the manufacturer’s directions on how to go about cleaning your new pump. Clean units do a perfect work. Airless and compressed air pumps are cleaned differently. You can find more practical information about this from Paint Smoothly, or you may want to check with the professionals or manufacturers manual first on how to clean your sprayer’s components.

4)    Quality of the sprayer

Nobody intends to purchase a low-quality product. However, be keen check for counterfeit units. A high-quality sprayer means high cost, thus longer life-spun. Low-quality sprayers more often clog easily, are inexpensive, and may not provide the power you require for a given job. On the other hand, going for larger units may give you much power than you need and maybe the job results may not be presentable. Go for a pocket-friendly one that will best suit your needs.

5)    Safety

A perfect unit should come with its protective clothing and gloves. High-pressure units if mishandled can accidentally inject spray under your skin, and being cautious when spraying is inevitable. Always read through the manufacturer’s instruction before you set it up.

Abreast with these practical tips, you can turn your painting into fun and find it quite enjoyable.