Simple steps to take care of your hair

It can be life to you or bane, how you take care of it can decide what it will be. Keeping a healthy hair requires some steps. All you need to do is to follow the tips provided below for a healthy, good looking and manageable curls.

Always wash your hair twice or thrice a week

The question normally asked by those who care about their hair is “how often should they wash their hair?” The answer to this question is between two to three days a week as said by professional hair stylist. It is advisable to wash your hair between two to three times a week. However, washing your hair daily can strip off the natural oil that is responsible for conditioning and protecting your hair curl. In addition, instead of washing your hair daily it is advisable to apply dry shampoo. This will help invigorate your hair at the root and will help to retain the entire essential nutrient your hair needs to stay healthy.

Always apply shampoo on your scalp and avoid using hot water on your hair

As we all know, taking care of your hair requires usage of some chemicals. This chemical requires technicality in its application, which can be harmful to your hair if they are used wrongly. For example, Shampoos are to be applied on your scalp instead of applying it on your hair ends. However, to keep a good and healthy hair, you need to use the right hair conditioners and shampoos that suit your hair type and can help reduce the risk of damage. Also, avoid using hot water on your scalp. Hot water can dry up your hair and cause complications, which can result in hair breakage.

Towel-dry your hair before applying hair conditioner

Ensure you towel dry your hair before applying hair conditioner, doing so will help the conditioner to penetrate into your hair shaft and by this will deliver the necessary nutrient into your hair that will keep it healthy and shiny. However, avoid applying the conditioner on your hair root, because it can cause your hair to become oily faster and this can lead to hair dryness which can cause breakage

Learn to brush your hair twice a day

Do not be rough with your hair, always treat it nicely and with care and you will always be happy with the way it looks. However, always brush/comb your hair twice a day for perfect, shiny and untangled hair. As we all know, healthy hair requires regular brushing. It is advisable to brush your hair in the morning and before going to bed in the night and always brush from scalp to the top. For more information on the various types of hair brush visit Brushed Straight.

Use a low-heat setting drier to dry your hair

One of the worst things you can do to your hair is to overheat your hair with a hair blower. However, if you need to avoid damaged hair, you will need to control how often you use a hair drier or how you use them.

These are the tips you need to follow to keep a good looking and healthy hair. However, following these tips appropriately can help you maintain your hair for a very long time. In addition, if you have any questions about your hair you can visit a professional hair stylist for more information.