Procedure to Curl Your Hair Using a Hot Brush

Who does not love curly hair? Hair can be curled by using a number of ways such as curling irons, perms, curlers, etc. Hot air brush is one such method by which you can get gorgeous and bouncy curls safely, quickly and easily. Many of us do not know how to use this technique to curl hair.

Make your hair ready to get operated

To start the curling procedure, it is very important to bring your hair to a state that makes it easy to operate. You need to gently wash your hair using a good quality volume enhancing shampoo and conditioner. You should have good knowledge and practice before using any tool on your hair. Http:// provides you the safe and effective way to use a hot air brush to get the desired results.

These products ease the curling process and are a must to use if you have naturally straight hair. Your hair will be able to hold the curl and bounce for a longer time. You can also apply texturizing spray, volume enhancing spray, or amplifying gel to boost the volume of your hair. Add these products to the hair roots when they are wet.

Dry your hair using an air dryer

Air dry is the best way to dry your hair. If you are in a hurry, you can also use hair blow dryer. When your hair is 80% dry, you can begin using a hot air brush.

Using hot air brush

Nicely comb your hair to detangle them. Warm your hot air brush by plugging into the electricity. Partition your hair into even sections by separating them at ear level. Now take the one-inch thickness of the hair and begin curling the lower portion of your head. Once your bottom hair gets efficiently curled then you can proceed to the hair present on the top region of the head.

Gently roll your brush, with hair curling around the brush, toward the roots. Hold the brush for ten seconds when you reach the roots. Now, pull the brush towards the hair ends and let the hair curl fall from the brush. Repeat this procedure for all the sections of the hair.

Hot air brush, being the most effective and healthiest tool to achieve lovely waves, is getting widely appreciated all over the world. If you want to redefine your look then buy one for yourself today!!