Top Boiler Maintenance Tips

Heated water and central heating are probably the best inventions since the Dark Ages and a proven success of humanity. Because what better way to end a busy day if not by taking a long bath and enjoying a good meal? However, in order to make sure you always have heated water and you never run cold, you will have to look after your boiler. Read below and find the easiest tips of maintenance in the comfort of your own home:

Annual service

Just like any other machinery designed to make your life better, boilers also require special attendance and looking after at least once a year. This will help your boiler to run smooth and avoid further costly reparations. But even for those who skip this piece of advice there is always help with a good boiler repair Balham based company.

Turn on the heating

Sure, this may not be your first concern when you are facing hot summer days, but turning your heating system on for at least 10 minutes every month or so will prevent your boiler from breaking and will ensure it a long and fruitful existence. However, if your boiler is ticking over or does not heat water properly, make sure to follow the aforementioned tip and seek for a repairing company as soon as possible.

Look out for abnormal running signs 

Just like a car, if you simply listen to the noises of your boiler you will be able to determine if it runs in favorable parameters or seeks professional repairing. Look for any type of unusual noise or even the smallest leaks or cracks and signal them rapidly to a specialized company. Also, a good boiler shouldn’t take more than 15-20 minutes to heat up water properly so if you think it takes too long, consult a specialist.

Make enough room for your machinery 

Usually boilers are set up in bathrooms, but you can also find them in special rooms and closets, surrounded by thousands of other objects. This is actually a bad thing because boilers require proper ventilation and enough space around to run smoothly. Thus, clear away the room you are keeping your boiler in and make sure it is properly ventilated daily. Open the windows if you have any and de-cluster the room by moving all objects from around the boiler.

Don’t forget the gas alarm

As a precaution measure, always make sure to install a gas and smoke detector near the boiler to avoid any dangerous gas leaks.