Curl Your Hair Using Hot Air Brush – Some Simple Methods

Few years back, women had to visit the saloons for getting their curly, frizzy or even wavy hair straightened. As years passed, electronic equipment manufacturers came up with the idea of introducing hair straightening brushes. These brushes and tools not only straighten your hair, but will also help you try many hairstyles such as hair curling, straightening, etc.

You will find many hair curler models in the market today. It is quite difficult to find the right one that fulfills your entire requirement. Some are listed below.

Tools for Hair Straightening

There are many hair straightening combs and brushes that not only work as hair dryers, but also as hair straightening units. All you have to do is comb your hair using this brush, after your head bath. You can feel your hair becoming silky, straight and even shiny after using such hair straightening combs.

Tools for Hair Curls

Hair curlers that are available today in the market, look just like the round curling brushes that you use in your daily life. These curlers will be installed in either one side or on both the sides of the brush. These brushes will also be designed with the switch, which will be useful while switching between the rotations per minute of the curlers.

How to Use Straightening Units

Using the straightening units is quite easy. These units come with other options such as perms and curlers. You can use any of these options and try hairstyles such as straight hair, curled or permed hair, or even wavy hair. How to do so, here are some tips.

  • Wash Your Hair

Trying any style on your hair after washing it can guarantee you wonderful results. Washing your hair removes all unnecessary accumulation of dust and dirt on strands, and hence brings out the natural volume.

  • Apply Some Hair Care Products

In order to let the curl or perm that you are trying on your hair stand for longer days, it is suggested to apply some hair care products after washing your hair, but before straightening or curling it.

  • Let It Dry

Dry your hair without using the blow dryer, but with natural way. If your hair is almost dry, then blow dryer can be used.

Now heat the curling unit and follow the instructions as suggested in the manual. If you are not sure about using it in the right way, then there are many salons that are available to help you. You can go here and straighten or curl or even perm your hair as per your wish.