Window Security Protection And Locks

Door is not the only way for the burglars and robbers to enter your house, window is another way. Most of the people don’t consider it necessary to have window locks, for their house security, they only install the lock on the main door of the house. But this is not the right thing. If you want proper security at your home, you will have to install locks on main doors, windows, cabinets and garage. Then only you can assure that your house is totally safe from burglars, intruders and thieves. You can talk to a locksmith for installing the right security system in your house.

  • Sliding glass doors – Many people finds it difficult to put a lock in sliding glass doors. You can use pin in slide track so that no one can open it from outside. You can also use metal device known as charley bar to lock the window. You can find many safety devices that are especially designed for locking the sliding glass doors and windows. You can buy it from the locksmiths available in market and online also.
  • Sash frame window – These are the most common windows that you will find in maximum houses. These windows can be easily protected by using pin locks or steel deadbolt. You can place steel deadbolt at the bottom and top of the sash.

Protection of windows beyond locks

  • Use of alarm- You can install security alarms that trigger when anyone tries to break the window. It is a simple and inexpensive security system which provides protection to your house.
  • Use strong panes in windows – Use the panes which are strong enough to be break down. You can use tempered glass, vinyl or polycarbonate. Tempered glass is very much stronger than the regular glass. Strong glass and panes in windows play an important role in providing security to your home. They not only provide security but also prevent the harmful ultraviolet rays from entering into your house. Moreover, they prevent the outside noise from coming inside and you can get the privacy and comfort. It is very beneficial to have stronger windows.