Modern hair dryers for hair drying and styling

Today there are numerous hair dryers available that come with a compact design and are economical. These dryers eliminate frizz and provide good hair volume.
The modern hair dryers use advanced technology to dry and style hair making the entire process easy and efficient. The three main technologies that is increasingly used in today’s hair dryers are the ceramic, Ionic and tourmaline technologies.

Ceramic technology

Ceramic is a compound made out of clay. It is mainly used in the heating element of the hair dryers. It creates infrared rays that help in quick drying of wet hair, without any damage. There will be no instances of overheating and also the moisture of the hair is retained. It provides even distribution of the heat produced and helps to dry hair quickly.

Ionic technology

Ionic hair dryers emit negative ions that neutralize the hair’s positive charge thereby making the hair soft, smooth and silky. It nourishes the hair as it dries and makes it healthy. As the cuticle is closed due to the emission of negative ions, the drying time is greatly reduced to a minimum.

Tourmaline technology

Tourmaline technology is used to generate large quantities of negative ions that are good for the hair and scalp. It dries hair quickly and eliminates frizz.
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