The Trim Down Club Membership Review

The trim down club diet is based on an old age diet re-discovered in modern times that primarily belonged to the Stone Age era of human evolution. It is also called the Paleo or caveman diet.


Researchers believe that the wide range of ‘degenerative diseases’ which the population all around the globe is suffering from is mainly because of the faults in our present day eating habits. Degenerative diseases such as- Arthritis, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Cancers, and etc have their root causes in the many chemicals that are present in our present day diet.


In the Paleolithic era that existed about 10, 000 years ago, the principle diet was only fresh raw food. Man was basically a hunter in that time and he ate whatever he hunted. He ate fresh animal meat, fresh vegetables and fruits. The meat of wild and herbivorous animals was essentially lean and contained very little amount of fat in it.


This is because the animals in those times fed themselves in the most natural way. Herbivorous ate plants and carnivorous ate the herbivores, the food chain was perfectly balanced and no animal was purposefully over fed for meat or dairy. Man ate food in their natural forms. The food was free of added preservatives, excess sugars and salts. This is probably a reason why Stone Age man was so strong and healthy.


In the modern day culture fresh fruits, vegetables and lean animal muscles are nearly non-existent. Our food today is loaded with un-natural substances and thus we are becoming prone to more and more diseases. By the way, you can find a lot of trim down club reviews online.


The trim down club program consists of the dietary habit that the cave men followed. It includes the consumption of fresh meat, sea food, fresh fruit and vegetables and discourages the consumption of dairy products, grains and all types of processed foods and artificial sugars.


This diet does not promise any weight loss, but if you sincerely follow the rules you are sure to shed a few pounds per week. This weight loss will be the result of cutting down on your carbs, sugars and artificial processed foods.


The Trim down club program claims to be very effective in averting degenerative diseases. The theory given by the researchers to support the diet is quite impressive but how far it is really effective in this century cannot be said at this stage. As the degenerative diseases develop over a period of time and a few weeks or months of a Trim down club diet cannot change this. The diet needs to be adopted for a life time.


With this diet you gain a lot of proteins, fibers, essential salts and fatty acids, vitamins and minerals per meal than you might get from your ordinary regular diet. However the amount of carbohydrate per meal in this diet is very low.


The pros of this diet are that it is a revolutionary diet plan and appears to be quite promising. We notice that it covers all the essentials and will benefit your body as it did to the cave man. Yet the cons are that- the cave man ate only this type of a diet all his life.

He never had the taste of processed foods, sugars, beverages at that time and considering the man of this century, it seems quite impossible for anyone to adopt just this diet and abandon all the moth watering savories that are available all around him for his entire life.

But all in all, there are always ways to adapt. Man is a pro at adaptation, so if you do want to start on the Paleo diet, don’t go about it all out. Start with little things and build it up. For e.g. a good start would be to join some sort of an online community like the trim down club.

It is a membership site that encourages healthy eating above all. With the correct and small steps, you can definitely embrace the Trim down club diet lifestyle and improve your health.