Drinks That Can Harden Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening has become a real challenge for more and more people. Just like many other elements (skin, hair or overall health), teeth are exposed to a lot of factors that can be extremely harmful. You are directly responsible for some of them, but you obviously need a lot of details in order to make smart selections. First, you need to know what to look for in teeth whitening kits. Second, you have to find out what kind of foods or drinks to stay away from. After all, these are the main considerations when interested in keeping your teeth white.

What drinks to avoid in order to keep your teeth white

As a general rule of thumb, energy drinks are the first that cause stains. Stains have nothing to do with the energy though. Instead, the problems is that such drinks have a high level of pigmentation. Coffee is the most harmful one. Tea (especially black tea) is just as problematic, not to mention about red wine. Some of these drinks are also quite acid, so they cause eroding effects. Drinking them is just like chewing citrus fruits. However, no one will blame you for having a drink every once in a while though, just try to use a straw sometimes.